Monday, May 23, 2011

Whistler part 2

We enjoyed Jeff's hospitality so much that we had stay a few more days. The weather turned nice on Tuesday so Nat and Kathleen went up Blackcomb to sightsee and Alex and Jeff went skiing again. I stayed back and hauled Jeff's Chestnut canoe to a small lake at the base of Blackcomb called Lost Lake. I managed to hook into to several rainbow trout but lost most of them-they were a bit on the small side. We all met back at Jeff's for supper then had a quick game of football at the park. The adults stayed up late reminiscing and debating as the beer that was supposed to last for a few days disappeared rather quickly. We met a younger couple from across the street and had a few with them before we turned in.
The next morning Jeff and Alex went skiing again. Alex has now skied a total of 4 times with 3 of them at Blackcomb - a nice place to learn! Jeff said he improved tremendously and they went down many black diamonds and one double black. Nat and I hit Lost Lake in the canoe for a relaxing paddle in the sunshine and Kathleen "chillaxed" at Jeff's.
The next morning we ate breakfast then played one more game of football. Jeff, Alex and Kathleen beat Nat and I - we let them win. We set off East after saying goodbye to Jeff. Thanks Jeff for all you did - hopefully we'll do it again soon.

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