Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jasper to Edmonton

Thursday, we decided to split up - with the boys going fishing and the girls going sightseeing. Tom and Alex headed to Moab Lake, where they rented a rowboat and spent the afternoon and early evening fishing. They each caught 4 fish, 7 rainbow and 1 brook trout. Alex brought 2 of his fish home for dinner. They were delicious!

Kathleen and I took the Jasper tramway to the top of Whistlers mountain, to 2277m above sea level. The view was pretty spectacular. We sat in the restaurant at the top for quite awhile, just enjoying the mountain ranges. Back at the campsite, we had a fire and a few rounds of tarp ball .

The next morning we packed up and left the campsite and headed to the Miette Hot Springs. The water comes off the mountain at 54 degrees celcius and they cool it to 40 degrees for the hot pools. They also have a couple of cold pools - one at 10 degrees celcius. Nice spot!

After the Hot Springs, we pushed on to Edmonton. We hit the West Edmonton Mall and then found a motel for the night.
Today we are heading to Elk Island National Park, which is about 1 hour East of Edmonton. We are hoping to see some Bison.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Alex, I got your leter in the mail and what a nice surprise. That's the first hand-written letter I've received in a long time. Kathleen, you're going to be taller than your dad any day now and you're looking more like a model every day — cue blushing and groaning. Tom and Nat, keep on posting your stories. What a great way to share your adventures. Safe travels to you all!

    Uncle Jeff