Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elk Island National Park

From Edmonton we traveled about an hour east to stay at Elk Island. It's a flat area with plains and marshes and a few trees. Great habitat for ducks, geese, beaver, muskrat, elk and bison.
It was a nice day so we went on a couple of hikes looking for wildlife but only saw ducks and geese. Upon our return however, a large bison stood on the road to the campsite. We snapped a few pics and went down to the beach in the evening. We hung out at the campsite around the fire then turned in at dark.

The kids were a bit worried that a bison would come into our campsite but I told them that they would never get that close to our tents. There were many wild sounds of birds and howling coyotes to soothe us to sleep. Nat ended up sleeping in the kid's tent and I awoke around 5am to clomp, clomp, munch, munch. I sat up and listened for a few minutes clomp, clomp, munch, munch then I was convinced what it was. I peeked out the tent to see a large male bison about 20 feet from our tents. He was grazing and apparently unconcerned of our presence. I snuck over to the kid's tent and woke then up to take a look. Their eyes bulged out as they watch him make his way through our site. What a way to start the day!
We did go back to sleep then got up and packed up. We headed back to Edmonton to see Nat's cousin Justin.

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  1. Ok - this takes the cake! Awesome pic. I especially like the one beside the Pilot so you can appreciate the size of that critter. Looks so fun!

    xo from the Russells

    ps-Remind me later - I came across a link that will save your blog like a book!