Saturday, June 4, 2011


We arrived in Drumheller late and grabbed the first campsite we saw convieniently located right beside a Fountain Tire store.

In the morning he went into town to the visitor info building and the site of the largest dinosaur in the world. We climbed to the top and then planned out our day over lunch.
We decided to go to The Royal Tyrell Museum first. What a spot! It was an endless display of bones, fossils and interactive booths. It followed time from 300 million years ago until today. We were there for 2-3 hours then hit the go-karts. I thought Alex would be my toughest challenge but it turned out that Kathleen drives like a pro and I had trouble getting by her.
We then drove a loop that followed both sides of the Red Deer River valley and continued to our next campsite near the Hoodoos.

The next day we went to Reptile World and saw many snakes, frogs, lizards, crocs, alligators, etc. Alex and I got to hold a boa constrictor as there was a grade 7 class there for a tour.
We then relaxed at the campground and visited the Hoodoos after supper. They are sandstone pillars carved out by water and wind erosion. We had fun climbing and exploring the area and even dug into the coal seams and found some chunks of coal.

In the morning we packed up and headed for Calgary to visit Nat's cousin Cathy.

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