Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Monday morning we planned to leave Brampton and get to Ottawa by evening, with a stop at the Toronto Zoo along the way. The zoo was super. Highlights were the orangutans, giraffes, penguins and a grizzly bear who was having a blast playing with a big ball in a pool.

Due to heavy rains and construction, the drive was very slow and we only made it as far as Kingston and then pulled into a hotel for the night. Of course we spent the evening watching the hockey game. We then decided that we would skip Ottawa and head for Lennoxville the next day. The kids are starting to get homesick. They are both anxious to get home to Maya and their friends. I guess we’ll be sending them on the grade 8 trip to Ottawa.

The trip from Kingston to Lennoxville is about 5 hours. We decided to break it up with a stop to the IKEA store in Montreal. We’ve driven by so many that it was time to stop and check one out. It was worth the stop. The car is packed pretty full, but I was able to find a few little things that we could fit in. The drive through Montreal was a bit hectic, which I guess is normal. We are on the road to Matt and Nancy’s house now and this evening we will take a look around Bishop’s campus and hit a few of Tom’s favourite old spots.

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